Monday, July 27, 2020

Great Lakes Northern Update #3

The GLN layout has reached the end of the line, at least for now. I've made very little physical progress on the layout since the last update, which was almost three years ago now. The biggest reason for that is just life getting in the way.

Layout Tear Down
The layout I had been working on took up a significant portion of one side of our basement. That was fine until recently when we decided to convert that side of the basement into a larger playroom for the kids. That meant tearing down the 12' x 5 1/2' layout table. It wasn't too bad as all I had permanently secured was the blue foam to the plywood and the cork roadbed to the foam. It actually went pretty quickly all things considered.

A look at the tear down process.

On the plus side, I was able to salvage almost all of the foam and lumber for future use. Some of the lumber has already been used to upgrade my tool storage in the adjoining workroom. Hopefully that will come in handy when I get around to starting this back up again. Next time things will have to be a bit smaller overall though.

The Future of the GLN
While things didn't work out with this first incarnation of the layout, I am by no means abandoning the idea of the Great Lakes Northern project. I still have a ton of ideas floating around, just not enough time or space to bring them to life in the form of a full sized layout. I just need to take some time to figure out my nest step.

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